We would like to be certain your family stays cozy throughout the winter. That’s why we market a variety of energy-efficient furnaces in Front Royal, Virginia.

Each home is unique, and we intend to be certain you and your family choose the correct heating equipment for your requirements. You can count on Dave's Diversified Services when it’s time for furnace installation.

Our heating and cooling experts will take into account your house’s square footage and insulation levels when proposing a unit, as well as required features and your available funds.

Whatever your desires, our selection of brands and models guarantees there’s a right match for you and your family. The up-to-date technology on newer equipment will overhaul your home comfort—and your energy bills! Some ENERGY STAR® furnaces may also qualify you for extra savings through federal energy tax cuts and town utility refunds.

Discover just how cozy your living space could be with a brand-new furnace by calling us at 540-636-3396 today.

Five Advantages of Furnace Installation

A modern heating system affords a lot of pluses for your home, like:

  1. Improved energy efficiency that can help you save more on energy consumption, especially when you decide on an ENERGY STAR® model.
  2. Compatible with smart thermostats, which adapt heating to your loved ones’ schedule to help save money.
  3. Advanced technology like variable-speed heating, that furnishes silent heat to your living space while conserving energy.
  4. Confidence your heating unit will run properly throughout the winter months without needing emergency service.
  5. Comfort realizing that your new heater has innovative technology that helps safeguard your loved ones.

We Offer the Right Furnace for Your House

Ready to get started improving your home warmth? Whether you need a variable-capacity gas furnace, two-stage gas furnace or oil furnace, our professionals will assist you to find the correct furnace replacement for your requirements and budget.

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    Champion heat pumps 10 year labor warranty (a division of Johnson Controls). Contact us for more information.